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Mercury Retrograde


Mercury goes Retrograde Dec 19th through Dec 31st 2016 in Capricorn

 What is a Mercury Retrograde?
Mercury goes retrograde 3 to 4 times a year & last apx 3 weeks each time. When Mercury is Retrograde , the planet appears to be spinning backwards.
What does Mercury Control?
Mercury rules the mind , perception & all forms of communication such as speaking & writing. It also rules travel & the use of technology.
When Mercury goes Retrograde lines of communications can become challenged. Messages , Emails & Phone calls may be sent to the wrong place , and conversations can be taken wrong ( careful for those embarrassing typos! )
You may even experience technical difficulties with your computer , television or any electronic device.
Changes , delays or difficulties in travel could also arise.
When Mercury is Retrograde , its often suggested you avoid starting any new projects or purchasing any major items.
The Mercury retrograde is a great time to reflect , plan & go inward.
The Mercury retrograde in Capricorn

Capricorn is a cardinal sign. There could be friction between this natives and cardinal members like Aries, Cancer and Libra when Mercury turns retrograde in the house of Capricorn.

People seem to think more introspectively. Ambitions are also likely to take the back seat during this phase of Mercury.Organizational errors are also to be expected during this period.

Capricorn represents ambition , career ,  responsibilities,  socialism , physical & social structures , management , strategy & tradition. Capricorn is a  ‘goal oriented’ sign.

This Mercury retrograde will force us to make the necessary changes and adjustments, as well as receive insight and awareness in these areas.

IN CAPRICORN: Avoid buying, 
selling, or renting real estate un
der Capricorn, the sign that governs property matters. Expect problems with paperwork, packing, and movers. Reunite with family or vacation at home.

How to avoid the Mercury Retrograde?

Consider using direct mail for communication rather electronically. Be careful in how you convey messages to others. Don’t expect to sell property matters , rather using this time to get organized. When traveling , leave in advance to avoid delays that could run you late.

Also consider making a to do list & set schedule reminders. Everything is set to resume to normal Jan 1 of 2017

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